Extremism is a concept alien to Islam–and to human decency

The son of late Dr. Mehdi Ali Qamar holds a portrait of his father at graduation

He was killed in name of Islam in Pakistan because is an Ahmadi Muslim. In Pakistan, Ahmadis are demonized and not allowed to call themselves Muslims. 

But Islam is not extreme! Don’t get me wrong! Everything is just super with Islam.

Dr. Mehdi Ali Qamar was the type of friend every American would proudly brag about. He was a loyal U.S. citizen. He was only 50, a loving husband and father of three. He dedicated his life to medicine and to finding ways to stop the suffering of others. He was only on day two of a three-week humanitarian mission to Pakistan to provide free healthcare to the needy when he was fatally shot a dozen times in the early morning of May 26, in front of his wife and two-year-old son—who watched in horror.

Like hundreds of other Ahmadi Muslims, Qamar was murdered only for his faith. He was murdered because he was an Ahmadi Muslim—a Muslim who believes in the Messiah, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian. It is for this belief alone that Ahmadi Muslims face intense persecution in nations like Pakistan.

And while some critics are quick to point to such murders as examples of alleged “Islamic” terrorism, few have the education or compassion to see the peaceful and patient response as examples of Islamic teaching…

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The article carries on and on but at no point does he elaborate on the peace and patience intrinsic to Islam.

The Ahmadis are fools. They should disassociate themselves from cult, instead of desperately trying to be accepted, and just call themselves a new religion (like the Baha’i did). They have already disassociated themselves from violent jihad. They would certainly gain more respect in the West should they do so.