Corporate Canada Goes To War – Against You

Businesses lobby to salvage foreign worker program

With potentially sweeping consequences on the line, big companies are anxiously lobbying the Conservative government in the runup to reforms of the temporary foreign worker program.

There are currently 83 lobbyist registrations on the issue of temporary foreign workers, up from 73 at the start of the year, according to the Office of the Commissioner of Lobbying of Canada. The list includes such big names as Honda Canada Inc., IBM Canada Ltd., Maple Leaf Foods Inc., Microsoft Canada Co., Nexen Inc. and Bank of Nova Scotia.

This is all about wage suppression nothing more. The TFW program has proven a handy business model for large corporations.

I suspect it also serves to squelch competition from start ups by serving as a barrier to entry in a given market. How can Mom & Pop Donuts possibly compete against a large corporation subsidized by 3rd world labour?

No one has yet answered why we need both a TFW program and mass immigration, then again we best be careful or Jason Kenney will call us racists.