The UK Guardian gets is wrong–again: ‘UKIP’s success lies in talking to workers – but not about class. We can do better’

Romanian workers pick grapes in West Sussex. Photograph: Jason Alden / Rex Features

When I worked as a union organiser in Nigel Farage’s stomping ground, Margate, I lost track of the number of people who’d talk about “foreigners taking jobs.”

I heard the same in Runcorn, Rochdale and Dartford when I worked with warehouse workers and drivers. I never saw those I was speaking to as racist. What they were saying was factually correct – the question never asked was “Well, who’s giving these jobs and prioritising cheaper, casualised, more compliant workers, insecure in position and housing and through a lack of language skills?”

* * *
There is no question that there is an economic angle here. But this writer seems to think he legislate it out of existence. Good luck with that! The TFW’s — I predict — will soon be flowing even faster into Canada. There is far too much money at stake to change this without a massive campaign such as UKIP themselves launched.

Nor does the writer ever bring up the disadvantages to mass immigration per se. The crowding, the countryside that must be ripped up to extend London to a mega city, the cost of housing, the lack of doctors, the crowds waiting for treatment at hospitals.

And I need not add, Islam is not mentioned once. It is true that most of the EU migrants are not Muslims, but some of them are, from Bosnia, Albania and other places in the Balkans.

And people might find the extra EU migrants better welcomed if Labour under Tony Blair had not brought in millions of overseas immigrants, many of them unassimilable Muslims.

Labour is looking in all the wrong places.