The Muslim Brotherhood in Canada – An interview with the report’s author Tom Quiggin

The Muslim Brotherhood has established a significant presence in Canada, according to a new study. Do watch as Quiggin lays out the reasons Cair-Can/NCCM will have their asses handed to them if they pursue their Lawfare Jihad against our government.

For years the Islamists and their fellow travelers called the anti-jihad bloggers cranks, and racists and any other slur they could hurl. This report is vindication for us all, bloggers, readers, all of us. You can read the full report on the Muslim Brotherhood in Canada here.

Tonight, while at work, I was listening to a local radio station, CFRB in fact; What was the host’s topic? The federal government’s efforts, using your tax dollars of course, to appease and or tame the very honour killing Muslims our political class has allowed to immigrate here. Readers will recall my post on this from last year, Immigration Policy: Canada must be a crappy country, which just goes to show you, read this blog for next year’s “mainstream” MSM’s stories;)