Montreal Gazette: Transphobia in Vancouver?

Chinese leaders in Metro Vancouver, like Charter Lau, have long opposed schools instituting anti-homophobia policies. Now the issue has turned to transgender rights

Douglas Todd has a report in his blog, The Search, on the Vancouver Sun site about “ethnic Chinese residents of Metro Toronto… targeting a Vancouver School board proposal to institute ways to make things easier for transgendered students.”

Say what?

We’re not talking about China here; we’re talking Canada.

I must confess that I am not up on Vancouver news, and this is the first I am hearing about Chinese anti-LGBT Christians in that city.

* * *
They are not saying that the transgender folks should be killed or stoned to death, just that they prefer it not be taught in school.

I wonder what the author at the Gazette would have to say about Muslims objecting to the same thing?  Would she say “We’re not talking about Afghanistan [or fill in the name of any Muslim country], we’re talking Canada.”

Oddly enough, I never read about that.  Are the Muslims OK with this type of schooling, or the authorities quietly exempting them or what?