Footballer Joey Barton apologises for saying ‘Voting for UKIP is like picking the best of four ugly girls’

Joey Barton on BBC’s Question Time

The BBC has today been accused of turning Question Time into a ‘joke’ after footballer Joey Barton compared voting for UKIP to picking up ugly girls in a nightclub.

In a heated exchange on the flagship political show the Queens Park Rangers midfielder told a newly elected female UKIP MEP her party was just the least unattractive option.

To gasps from the audience, he told her: “You won the election? You won seats in the European Parliament that nobody really cares about.”

“All you represent to me as UKIP is the best of a bad bunch. If I’m somewhere and there are four really ugly girls and I’m thinking she is not the worst, that is all you represent to us.”

* * *
Not very diplomatic, to say the least.  Is there anyone he did not offend with that comment?