An antidote for Islamophobia–female rabbi criticizes Pam Geller

Pam’s new ad, in Washington, DC

The last time Pamela Geller plastered heinous anti-Muslim messages around town, it was in the subway systems of New York and D.C. Of those base and hate-filled ads, I wrote: “These words belong underground because they are way beneath us as Jews and as human beings. They do not speak for the Jewish community…”

Now, Geller has posted similarly odious messages on D.C. buses. With that move, she has emerged above ground — where unfortunately, she has revealed how low she can go, using images of Hitler in painfully irresponsible ways. The good news is that Geller plummets to this level virtually alone. I am writing to remind Geller and those she has hurt that these words do not speak for the vast, vast majority of the Jewish community.

Driven by the same values that I was before, I speak out now as I did then and reaffirm my words:

As an American, I insist on the right to free speech, even when I deplore the message. As a rabbi, I insist on the responsibility to speak out against hateful speech, particularly when it comes from one of our own.

Read more.  She must belong to the “United Church-think” wing of Judaism.