UN Asshat wants Canada to accept crazed Jihadis from Syria by the boatload

“Societies across the globe are becoming multicultural, multiethnic and multireligious. Like it or not, we cannot stop this trend; it is inevitable.

We do have a choice, however, in how we approach this. Do we embrace diversity as a source of strength, or do we play the populist game and make it a source of fear? I believe tolerance is the only responsible option.

Canada provides a compelling example of the benefits of multicultural life when nurtured by good governance, strong civic institutions and respectful policies. It is a model celebrated worldwide and cherished by many at home.

Yet we have seen how easy it is to throw tolerance off course. In my part of the world, Europe, anti-immigration and xenophobic parties have taken advantage of the economic crisis to rapidly gain influence, and mainstream parties have been unable, or even unwilling, to stop them.

What horseshit. It’s the same load of BS our own government is trying to push down our throats with the TFW program and it’s ludicrous mass immigration targets. Even the OECD contradicts this UN clown – Mass immigration not the secret to economic growth, says OECD

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Note – the author of this tripe is António Guterres,  UN High Commissioner for Refugees and former prime minister of EU economic basket case Portugal.