Ottawa: School’s dress code rules are not sexist says letter to the editor

Tallie Doyle, 14, says she disagrees with her school’s dress code that prevents her from wearing shirts with spaghetti straps that show her bra

To the editor, re: Fisher Park Public School dress code sexist: student, May 26:

I am fed up with parents like Andrea Stokes, mother of Fisher Park Public School student Tallie Doyle, who was recently reprimanded for breaking the school’s dress code — a code broken with the support of her mother.

Why in the world would Stokes think that her daughter wearing a spaghetti-strap tank top, which shows her bra straps, was acceptable in any way, shape, or form? This is a public school — it is not a Madonna concert, or a nightclub, or a sleepover party.

Stokes’ claim that these rules are sexist borders on incredible. It’s not the boys wearing bras and spaghetti straps, and it’s not the boys wearing short skirts, see-through blouses, or short shorts.

Perhaps Stokes should be teaching her daughter that in this life there are rules, expectations, and consequences. If you don’t want to suffer the consequences, then follow the rules.

Judy Warren, Ottawa