Myanmar seeks to regulate marriage, religious conversions

It is fine, as you know, for Islam to force anyone marrying a Muslim to convert to Islam, as a condition of the marriage. 

But if any other religion starts getting the same idea, perhaps by noting the effect of the Muslim example, then they are bigoted monsters, Nazis, etc, like these Buddhist monks in Myanmar

Myanmar began a parliamentary session on Wednesday that will see lawmakers debate the first of four proposed laws that aim to protect the country’s majority Buddhist identity by regulating religious conversions and interfaith marriages.
A state-run newspaper on Tuesday published the draft of a law that would require anyone seeking to change their religion to get permission from panels of government officials in each township…. It has yet to publish drafts of the other three bills, dealing with population control measures, a ban on polygamy and curbs on interfaith marriage.

Dhammapiya, a senior monk who helped write the original proposal for the laws, said they were meant to encourage peace between different faiths and to “protect” Buddhist women from being forced to covert to Islam when they married Muslim men.

“Many incidents happen, so this marriage law is to help the women do something,” he said in an interview in a monastery in Yangon, Myanmar’s biggest city.
The laws were really intended to put pressure on Muslims, [women’s rights activist] May Sabe Phyu said. “It’s based on extreme hatred,” she added. “It’s focused on a particular religion.”