I feel so Multicultural! UK: Moderate Muslim Cleric Praises Boko Haram For Assisting Wayward Girls

London hate preacher’s ‘disgusting’ sermon praising Boko Haram’s kidnap of schoolgirls

When confronted by the Standard, the preacher, from Palmers Green, north London, said: “On the one hand people are portraying them [Boko Haram] as crazed lunatics who don’t know anything about Islam or society in general. But on the other hand if you actually read their messages they are not trying to destroy society, they are just complaining about the oppression against them and trying to better society.

“Of all of their messages, some are good messages so they are full of good messages. What I’m trying to do is tell people the whole story.”

You know, I give this guy some credit for being honest enough to state that Boko Haram are in fact devout Muslims, practicing the Islamic faith and not “outriders” as the apologists and Taqiyya artists would have us believe.