The “Religiously Inspired” Account For 50% of All Terror Arrests In EU Member States

The “Religiously Inspired”. Must be those damn Amish….

“In 2013 arrests for religiously inspired terrorism represented the largest proportion of arrests in the EU. The number has continuously increased from 122 (2011), to 159 (2012), to 216 (2013). There was a significant increase in France, from 91 in 2012 to 143 in 2013. As in previous years, more than half of the arrested individuals were EU citizens.” (That shows an annual growth rate of >30% for the “Religiously Inspired” for 2011 through 2013)

“In 2013, 14 EU Member States arrested 535 individuals for terrorism-related offences. This figure closely matches that of 2012, when 537 arrests were reported. Most arrests occurred in France (225), Spain (90) and the UK (77). A continued increase in the number of arrests for religiously inspired terrorism has been observed since 2011, while arrests for separatist terrorism decreased significantly.”

Interesting to note that as terrorism by the “Religiously Inspired” increases so has terrorism by the Left. Note that “Right Wing Terrorism” has decreased.

“Arrests in the area of anarchist and left-wing terrorism increased, from 24 in 2012 to 49 in 2013. A significant increase was noted in Greece (18) and in Spain (15).

Arrests related to right-wing terrorism decreased from 10 in 2012 to three in 2013. This figure does not include the perpetrator of the terrorist attack in the UK that was motivated by right-wing extremist ideology.”

You can read the full report, European Union Terrorism Situation & Trend Report 2014, here.

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