Fear and anti Muslim bigotry are big business in America

There has long been a concerted effort to demonize Muslims in the American Homeland as a part of the never-ending big money maker that is the phony war on terror.

Big media of course plays a critical role in the dark propaganda campaigns that ensure that millions of Americans will continue to see the menace of al Qaeda and worse lurking in the darkest corner of their closets and under their beds.

The connection is never made that the military and security industrial complex need the ongoing Muslim bogeyman to keep those god blessed dollars rolling in and to keep the war machine running on high.

The business of America anymore – particularly since September 11, 2001 – is death, as in selling arms, financing repression and peddling surveillance technology against dissidents to friendly tyrants. The wars that drive what is left of the economy must go on as they always will in our own version of Oceania.

* * *
Not very big business, I’m afraid. Mostly volunteer. I doubt that the books above have been “blockbusters.” Not the sort of thing people want to read at the beach.

Muslims need to stop bitching and whining and ask themselves why there is no Hinduphobia or Sikhophobia or Buddhaphobia. There is something different about Islam. And strangely enough, many Hindus, Sikhs and Buddhists are suffering from the condition too. Odd, isn’t it?