A Reminder to Europe’s Jewish Community — Leave Now

Why? Consider these facts:

1) Europe is dying demographically. As David Goldman has said of Southern Europeans, “You are dying because you wish to die; that is, because you do not wish to rear children.” By 2040, Southern Europeans will have about 60% more elderly dependents than now, and about half as many young workers. And things are not much different for the rest of Europe. This will inevitably lead to chaos and violence, which will (in turn) inescapably negatively impact European Jews.

2) The only demographically growing populations in Europe are Muslim immigrants, who are also not assimilating into the general public, but instead radicalizing against it. These Muslims are increasingly anti-Semitic, but because the European elites are unwilling to limit the inflow of these immigrants or to police the Saudi Arabian or Muslim Brotherhood sponsored imams, who indoctrinate this vicious anti-Semitism, there is no hope that anything effective will be done to mitigate the damage.