Belgian police look into assassination theory in Jewish museum killings

Belgian police are investigating whether the killing of three people, including an Israeli couple, at the Jewish museum in Brussels on Saturday was a targeted assassination or a random antisemitic attack.

On Tuesday, federal authorities quickly denied media reports that a suspect had been arrested, and the Israelis – Emmanuel and Mira Riva, who were in their 50s – were buried in Tel Aviv. The Haaretz newspaper speculated that they may have been murdered because of connections to Israel’s secret services.

Belgian police were reported to be investigating all possible scenarios, including a “targeted assassination” as well as an act of antisemitism. The third fatality was a Frenchwoman, and a young Belgian man remains critically ill.

Experts in Israel and elsewhere have said the manner of the killings suggested planning and execution by a trained specialist. On Sunday, Belgian police released a 30-second video clip from the museum’s security cameras showing a man wearing a dark cap, sunglasses and a blue jacket enter the building, take a Kalashnikov rifle out of a bag, and shoot into a room before calmly walking away.