United Church’s Wondercafe site discusses the EU elections

OK, maybe it is not fair to tar the entire United Church with the comments of some of the ignorant posters at the forum. Yet, in my time posting there, I noticed that nobody who knew anything about foreign affairs ever stuck around for long. The forum members don’t want the truth, or even links to reputable news sites that explain things. They want unvarnished confirmation of their far, far leftist view of the world.

Even Graeme Decarie (visit his boring blog) has given up on the political boards, likely because he longer has me to argue with, and tell me what an idiot I am.

Can anyone explain to me how they work and what they mean for individual EU countries and what bearing they have on individual country’s national elections? I was just reading that UKip is ahead in Britain’s EU elections. My understanding is they are a right wing populist party that supports the monarchy and a breakaway from the EU? Is this correct? Anyone? Just wondering what that means for Canada who is always wedged between what’s happening in the UK and US, it seems. It affects us over the years.

Above is the topic posted by a forum member who wanted to know more about what is going on in Europe and it is a perfectly reasonable question. So far, only one person has responded. Here is his rambling reply, spelling not corrected.  I will also spare you his embedded Conchita Wurst video!

Ukip is a right wing party. It is more like the Tea Party than the facist in Europe as they have a idealised view of Israel and Jews, but both think that muslims, the Roma, slavs, and bicycle riders are at the root of evil.

zTOgether the facists in EUrope could be a potent force. Howevr they do not trust each other and are only untied in opposing muslims and asian immigration. Their are attempts to bring together all of the facist parties but that is unlikely. the Dutch facists support gay marriage and bicycles, so they are on the outs with the rest of Europes facists. Also like I said the Ukip supports Jews so they are on the outs with facists elsewhere who believe Jews control the banks and the USA.

Basically the facists are divided and week at the European level. After all Eurovision this year was won by a Conchita Wurst, a drag Queen who was the son of immigrants from Columbia. in protest against both Putin, and the facists. Tka ea look at her/his winning profiormance. After all the whole Europe thing is by it’s very nature anti facist and a reaction to the damage they did in WW2

the results could make the European Parliament more federalist. The parties that lost the most votes to the extreme right are the moderate right wingers. who think the EU needs reform.

Socialists and Greens and other pro europeans lost some votes but by and large can put togther a majority. It is scary through to see Germany elect a NEo NAzi for the first time since the thirties. Howver I suspect he will be jailed before he can take his seat. ,

Those damned bicycle riders!  They must be wiped off the face of the earth!