Muslim group linked to Hamas takes next step in libel suit against Stephen Harper

A national Muslim organization is proceeding with a lawsuit against Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his chief spokesman for a comment it says linked the organization to a terrorist group.

The National Council of Canadian Muslims is filing a statement of claim in Ontario Superior Court after failing to get an apology from the Prime Minister’s Office for the January remark.

Lawyer Jeff Saikaley says the council is seeking a public retraction and damages of up to $100,000.

I haven’t seen the statement of claim, but in the initial brouhaha the NCCM claimed that the organization’s forerunner, CAIR-Can had no relationship with CAIR USA. An easily conducted internet search turned up almost 2 dozen instances where CAIR-Can is specifically described as a branch office of CAIR, as if that wasn’t enough, the documentation unearthed are all in fact CAIR-Can press releases hosted on CAIR USA’s web site.

I note that CAIR-Can/NCCM is suing for 100G’s, in Canada that limits discovery, that’s ok, it won’t take much.

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