Meet The Rad Femme Lesbian Lierre Keith: (She/It/Whatever) Hates Men, Agriculture, White People, Capitalism but most of all Transsexual Men!

…and why do lesbian woman who hate men, almost always try to look like men?

Obviously she has no problem with women that look like men, just men who look like women!
Lots more crazy past the break…

Keith believes “male-to-female transgender people are ‘spies’, collecting intelligence and reporting it back to the patriarchy”.
Some clinical professionals might describe her as “crazier than a sh*t house rat“, but I digress…
Really, she just hates men. Full. Stop.

Ultimately that is the real and true basis of all modern Feminism; everything else they say is just so much window dressing. The don’t love women in-so-much as they hate men.
Hatred is what animates them.
Everything else in her life is secondary to that creed as evidenced by her own video.

Genociding the white race, starting with white men, and then all men, isn’t so radical, is it?

She also does not seem to dig humanity either as she has no problem starving a few billion people in order to bring about her “Deep Green” sustainable utopia. White people are just the first in line for that little hoedown.
She used to be a vegan but now believes that just didn’t go far enough, so now she eats meat and rails against veganism. Until recently she enjoyed an open invitation to all manner of mainstream environmental conferences all over Canada and The United States.
She also thinks that violent environmental terrorism (direct action), the confiscation of personal property, and the imprisonment of anyone she sees as an environmental criminal. I guess that last part just puts her into to the environmental mainstream.

Until recently, the professional left and the environmental movement had no problem with her denigration of men, advocacy of mass genocide (through forced starvation), and her avowed hatred of men and white males in particular. All of that was just peachy, in their minds.
What got her into hot water was crossing Transgender Inc™, now a wholly owned subsidiary of Big Homo®”.

The first shots are now being fired in the apocalyptic battle between Rad Fem and Big Homo and I think Big Homo is going to win as elements of the hard-left consolidate via the process of eating their own.
Lierre Keith, and her like-minded minions, hate men so much that she can still keep hating them long after they are no-longer men! I tell you, that’s commitment to the cause!
I’m sure that Lierre Keith’s name and the word “committed” occur in the same sentence a lot.
As evidence by that YouTube video that first brought her to my attention, and yet, for so long, the left embraced someone so crazy as one of their own.
Well, except for the anarchists “veg*ns” who pied her with pies laced with pepper spray.
They did not embrace her that much.

You can see that incident here