I am starting to wonder about the World Cup: Protestors attack coach carrying Brazil players

Demonstrators protest against the 2014 World Cup during the arrival of the Brazilian national soccer team at Granja Comary training center, in Teresopolis near Rio de Janeiro, May 26, 2014. Credit: Reuters

The bus carrying Brazil’s World Cup squad to their first day of training on Monday was kicked and punched by demonstrators angry at what they consider exorbitant spending on football and not enough on social programmes.

A small group of striking teachers attacked the bus as it left Rio de Janeiro for the mountain town of Teresopolis, where the squad will be based during the tournament.

The teachers covered the bus with stickers as Barcelona players Neymar and Dani Alves looked on from inside.

When the bus arrived in Teresopolis, 100kms away, another group of around 30 people chanted anti-World Cup slogans.