How Multicultural! Girl And Her Dog Stoned In Denmark

This video is sad to watch, the young lady is visibly upset and shocked.

Below is the Google translate from Youtube.

Stones throw, punch, kick and push – and ultimately a trip to the lake. Thus ended Sara Illum Lund-Jensen stroll with muscular dog Emperor in Odense Vollsmose Tuesday night. The 23-year-old woman says she was out walking her five year old dog by a lake near Granparken when four teenage boys looked mad at the dog and owner. First asked teens questions about the Emperor’s race and age, but suddenly the curiosity to anger, she says. – One began to kick out after the Emperor, and it made ​​me really mad. So was the one who threw a stone at us, which touched my dog, says Sara Illum Lund-Jensen to Ekstra Bladet. She says that she tried to protect her dog against the aggressive boys. This brought herself in the firing line. – They knocked me to the ground and started kicking me and roll me into the lake. I was lying there so along with the Emperor, while they threw several stones at us. – They shouted at me that my dog is dangerous and that it is illegal, but it does not, she says of the dog, which is a mixture of amstaff and Labrador. , the four teens left the next place, after which an elderly woman helped her out of the water. It was thus both soaked and deeply shaken Sara Illum Lund-Jensen, who shortly after was home in the apartment in Egeparken and recounted the experience to his mobile camera. Illum Sara Lund-Jensen was Emperor as a puppy and describes him as her ‘one and all’. She immediately took the dog for examination by vet. – There was nothing physical to note that apart from a scratch on the paw, but the Emperor is still very depressed, she says, adding that she previously been met with harsh cries because of her dog. – But this is the first time that it has been physically, and it makes me angry and sad, says Sara Illum Lund-Jensen, Wednesday at 7:35 reported the assault at the Local Police in Vollsmose. At Funen Police hopes on a quick arrest in the case. – We have some good stuff to go for. We have a very clear idea of whom at least one of the suspects are men, says head of security Steen Nyland from Funen Police Ekstra Bladet.