Far-right National Front triumph in France as voters across Europe turn to extremists and anti-EU parties

Voting in Belgium: many people went to polling stations in traditional dress. Belgium is a strange place.

The far-right National Front has topped polls in France as countries across Europe turned to extremist and anti-EU parties.

Exit polls suggested the anti-immigrant party led by Marine Le Pen had taken more than a quarter of votes, pushing President Hollande’s Socialist Party into third place with just 13%.

It is the first time that the party – which wants to drastically cut immigration and reduce the influence of Islam – has come first in a nationwide French election in its 40-year history. Projections suggest it could take 25 Euro seats out of 74.

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said the National Front victory was “a political earthquake in France,” while ecology minister Segolene Royale said: “It’s a shock on a global scale.”

The result was the most striking of a number of successes for far right and anti-EU parties across Europe.

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Getting the message yet, mainstream politicians?

Your experiment with mass immigration from utterly incompatible societies (see yesterday’s post on this) has FAILED.  Big time.

It was never anything more than yet another Blank Slate idea like Communism, which also proved a total failure.