Idiot revert: Islam can cure the inequalities in the world

Revert Hamza Andreas Tzortzis

Hamza Tzortzis, a British Muslim of Greek origin, underlined that Islamic values present the ultimate solution for problems caused by inequality in the world at a conference in Istanbul.

In addition to the conferences he gives in the US and the UK, Tzortis is also known for his talks in public discussions. Being a strict oppponent of capitalism and secularism, the British Muslim academic thinker attracted attention to the inequalities dividing the social classes as a result of capitalism.

Invited by the Islamic Studies Association of Bogazici University to speak at the “Islam a truth or a dream?” conference, Tzortis said: “We are Muslims and we have an ethical tradition. We believe that the Quran is universal and one of the essential doctrines of it is to ensuring equality and justice without any discrimination between poor and rich.”

He’s got his own  elaborate web site.  He is all over Twitter, Facebook and YouTube also, for those who wish to be enlightened, just Google his name, or for details on reversion, “Hamza Tzortzis convert.”