Film ‘Unmosqued’ examines Muslim variant of unchurched youth

Film poster

There’s a new film screening on American college campuses this spring that’s sparking lively debate among Muslim students. Unmosqued depicts a younger generation of American Muslims drifting away from Islam, and it argues that mosques bear the blame.
“It is very possible that we can go to a mosque today, wash ourselves, put our shoes on the rack, go inside, make our prayers and come out and go home without having said a word directly to a single person,” [film producer Atif] Mahmud says.

Mahmud says mosque leaders should visit popular evangelical churches, like the one near his home in Houston. The sermons are focused and timely. People smile and hug. They hand out fresh orange juice in the parking lot.

In the film, converts to Islam talk about how they don’t feel welcome; women talk about how they feel isolated. The film features awkward fundraisers, lectures in broken English, signs and sermons in foreign languages, dingy bathrooms.