Here we go again, a twofer this time: “How US Evangelicals ‘help’ homophobia in Africa and Israel’s apartheid”

Many might be surprised to learn that the biggest Israeli lobby in the U.S. is funded primarily by Evangelicals, not Jews.

Likewise the growing anti-gay sentiment and laws sweeping parts of Africa has strong support by—you guessed it—again, Evangelicals here in America.

As VICE’s founder Shane Smith puts it, “the Israeli, Palestinian conflict has been the focal point of geo-political instability in the Middle East since the establishment of Israel in 1948” and at the heart of that conflict is land.

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Meanwhile, the flood of harsh anti-gay laws and measures being passed in African countries like Uganda, have the full support of many Evangelicals here in the U.S.

Uganda’s anti-gay bill, signed into law by President Yoweri Museveni this February, mandates some of the harshest punishments for gays, but is not the only homophobic legislation on the books in Africa.

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