European court refuses to extradite ‘German’ doctor over death of Cambridgeshire pensioner David Gray

“Charlatan and a killer:” Dr Daniel Ubani attempted to ban the sons of his overdose victim David Gray from insulting him, but a German court ruled against him. He is also facing a fitness to practise hearing. (Article and photo from 2010)

The family of a Cambridgeshire man who died after he was given a fatal dose of a painkiller have said they are “bitterly disappointed” that his doctor will not be extradited to face charges in the UK.

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has upheld a decision not to extradite “German” doctor Dr Daniel Ubani to the UK to face charges over the death of 70-year-old David Gray in 2008.

The ECHR issued its finding into the family’s claim that the German investigation was flawed, saying it had found no violation of human rights.

It said: “The patient’s sons complained that the authorities in Germany, where the doctor was tried and convicted of having caused the death by negligence, had not provided for an effective investigation into their father’s death.