Andrea Horwath faces backlash from lunatic fringe of NDP supporters

Judy Rebick? Michelle Landsberg? Cripes Horwath must be doing something right.

WINDSOR—Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath is facing a stunning, mid-campaign backlash as 34 long-time party supporters accuse her of betraying the New Democrats’ progressive roots in a crass play for votes.

n a sharply written salvo, the signatories to the letter say they are “deeply distressed” by the party’s direction under Horwath and warn they may join “thousands” of others in not casting a vote for the NDP on June 12.

“From what we can see you are running to the right of the Liberals in an attempt to win Conservative votes. It is not clear whether you have given up on progressive voters or you are taking them for granted,” states the letter, obtained by the Star.

Among those who signed the May 23 letter, are Michele Landsberg, a high-profile journalist and wife of former provincial NDP leader Stephen Lewis, Judy Rebick, Cathy Crowe, a long-time advocate on social and homelessness issues, and Winnie Ng, a labour rights activist.

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