Accommodating CAIR at The 9/11 Memorial Museum is Like Giving Nazis Veto Power at the Auschwitz Memorial

Meet Richard J. Idriss an “ethnic studies” major at U.C. Berkeley, and he is your enemy

He’s either just another Muslim shilling for CAIR (and his family name suggests that they are Sufis – like the Boston Marathon bombers) and he’s lying about it, or he’s a stone cold apostate that can’t come out and say he’s an atheist without upsetting his friends at CAIR and risking a death fatwa. He claims his parents are not all that religious either. Personally I’m hoping he’s an atheist and eventually sucks on the death fatwa as an apostate from his jihadi friends. I do wonder a bit at that Arabic calligraphy that is in the background of this picture.
It would be odd for a “non-religious” family to have a calligraphy of the Muslim “basmala” that praises Allah hanging in the hallway. Either way, I can smell the “taqiyya” cooking from here.

In any event, he’s trying to gin up support for his petition by conflating criticism of Islam (specifically of violent jihad) with “racism” against Arabs, and in the process smear the sister of a 9/11 hero as an “islamophobe” simply for her crime of noticing that the people who killed her brother (and almost 3,000 others) on 9/11 were all devout Muslims.
The target of his and CAIR’s wrath is Debra Burlingame the sister of Flight 77 pilot Charles F. “Chic” Burlingame who was murdered by Hani Hanjour and four other observant Saudi MUSLIMS in the name of Jihad on behalf of ISLAM.

Fortunately the 9/11 Museum has had the good judgement and fortitude to tell CAIR and their minions to essentially get stuffed, but that does not deter the agents of Allah and their politically correct useful idiots from assaulting the truth.
Now would be a good time to let the 9/11 Memorial Museum know that they have your support for as long as they support Deborah Burlingame. After that, maybe you could even even swing by the petition of the religion of the perpetually aggrieved and let them know that the 9/11 Memorial Museum is not there to make Muslims feel good any more than the Museum of Tolerance has an obligation to the fair and balanced portrayal of Nazis.
Those terrorist supporting bastards can be found here.
You could remind them that CAIR was an un-indicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land terror fundraising trial and that the FBI and all other official U.S. government organization have ceased all contact with them.
CAIR is dirty.

Deborah Burlingame is a member of the board of directors of the National September 11 Memorial & Museum Foundation, and is likely one of the few courageous individuals that stood up to the demands of CAIR and prevented them from whitewashing away the role of Islam in the 9/11 atrocity.
Now they have to get rid of her.

Never forget that Islam is why ALL of these people, and thousands more Americans, are dead.
Islam did this and we must never forget that, no matter how much they wine.