Ottoman history to be taught to UK A-Level students

The United Kingdom is planning to introduce the study of the Ottoman Empire and Rise of Islam to A Level students at colleges and sixth-forms to next year’s curriculum.

Mike Goddard, the history examiner of the UK’s national exam board, was reported by BBC Turkish to have had received criticism for always focusing on the same subjects from the twentieth century, and had decided it was time to add more variety to the curriculum.

Genghis Khan, India’s Babur Dynasty, Middle-Eastern history and the Arab Spring will also be made available for history students taking the pre-university exams. Should the exams board approve the plan, these subjects will be available as of September 2015.

History is the fifth most studied subject among students in the UK.

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From the hysterically pro-Islam, pro-Turkish World Bulletin, that scans the news carefully looking for anywhere Muslims are getting ahead in the West.

So, Europe is supposed to feel endless guilt over imperialism, but not Turkey! Wow, how about that!