Use of temporary foreign workers in Atlantic tripled from 2005-2012: report

HALIFAX — A report by the Atlantic Provinces Economic Council says the use of temporary foreign workers tripled in the region between 2005 and 2012.
The think-tank says there were 3,499 temporary foreign workers in the region as of Dec. 1, 2005, and seven years later that figure rose to 10,913…

Senior economist David Chaundy says despite the rapid growth, temporary foreign workers represented 1% of total employment in the Atlantic region, compared with 1.9% nationally.

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So nearly 2%, or 1 in 50, workers in Canada is now a TFW? This is unreal, outrageous.

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Operators of the website, which maps and identifies businesses using temporary foreign workers, posed as a company called Big Jimmy’s Construction and sent an email to a number of immigration lawyers.

The email says the company wants to hire a Thai family member, but has been flooded with interested Canadians after posting the job on the federal government’s job bank — a necessary step for those seeking to hire temporary foreign workers.

One reply from a big Toronto-area law firm that specializes in immigration cases offered to help, saying the firm was very “creative” in dealing with such roadblocks.

You can skip this rant from the Toronto Star, The inherent racism of the temporary foreign worker program: We believe the moratorium placed on the use of migrant workers in the restaurant industry is a knee-jerk reaction, which fails to address the racist foundations of the temporary labour migration regime. And we oppose the extension of the moratorium to all migrant workers for the same reasons.