Sarkozy calls for EU shake-up to fend off ‘populist’ threat

Former president Sarkozy, of the UMP Party

The former president of France, described as “centre-right” sounds worried.  Excerpt from an article in the Financial Times:

he acknowledged “deep anxiety” about the EU. In proposals likely to be welcomed by Britain, he said it required a “profound” overhaul, with deeper integration within the 18-strong eurozone, to be driven by France and Germany, matched by a “drastic” diminution of powers for the wider union of 28 members.

Addressing the key issue of immigration, the focus of much anti-EU rhetoric, Mr Sarkozy said zero immigration was an illusion. But he said if action was not taken rapidly to control the inflow from outside the EU, “our social contract will explode”.

He said there should be an immediate suspension of the Schengen agreement on open borders within most EU countries, to be replaced by a “Schengen 2” which countries could join only if they properly imposed a common immigration policy.

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