Afghanistan vid on grim situation facing women

DUBAI, 21 May 2014 (IRIN*) – With NATO troops preparing to withdraw from Afghanistan, women activists are growing increasingly nervous about the prospect of the Taliban returning to power.

IRIN’s latest film, The Sins of the Fathers, explores the work of the Afghan Women’s Skills Development Centre, a sanctuary for abused women and their children.

It offers legal support and vocational training for women like Amina who tried to run away from her husband.

“My Dad was on drugs and didn’t know what he was doing. Every day he beat my Mum and brought men to use her. He wanted other men to use me too,” she told IRIN. “I spent four years with my husband, who already had two other wives… My Dad gave me to him even though he had two wives already. He accepted a lot of money from him.”

When she ran away, she was captured by her family and tortured. “They took me to a place I’d never seen before and didn’t recognize. Then they pulled out the nails from my fingers and toes and beat me a lot.”

*Integrated Regional Information Networks: Humanitarian news and analysis