UK’s Socialist Worker (news site): Labour’s surrender to racism

Simon Basketter traces the history of the Labour Party’s attitude to immigration and argues their leadership have always opted for a filthy compromise with the system

When the Labour Party produced a leaflet against the hard right UKIP in the run-up to the European elections many activists thought, “About time”.

But when they read it they discovered the reason to vote Labour over UKIP was that Labour would be “tough” on immigration.

There is a long history of Labour capitulating to racist ideas over immigration. Labour has also evolved its views—for the worse.

The party was created in 1900 as a compromise between individual socialists, trade union leaders and politicians from the upper middle class.

The allegiance of workers went to Labour. But its structure meant its politics were pragmatic and chameleon-like.

The long traditions of anti-racism in the working class movement are reflected in the Labour Party.

Many workers still see support for Labour as a way of standing up against right wing ideas such as racism — despite Labour’s record.

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