Moussa Sidimé gets 60 days in slapping death of daughter

Moussa Sidimé, a Longueuil, Que., man who pleaded guilty in the 2010 death of his teenage daughter, was sentenced today to 60 more days in jail and then probation of two years.

Sidimé will not have to serve the 60 days consecutively, meaning he could choose to serve on weekends.

He has already served 19 days.

Sidimé, 74, pleaded guilty to manslaughter after slapping his 13-year-old, Nouténé, so hard that an artery in her brain ruptured.

According to testimony in his 2011 preliminary hearing, Sidimé slapped his teenage daughter twice for not doing a chore in the manner he had instructed.

Oh so that’s what they’re calling it nowadays. h/t DM