‘Unprecedented’ number of B.C. teachers receive layoff notices

It happens every spring: Dozens of B.C. public-school teachers are laid off as part of a juggling exercise in which school districts adjust their payrolls to correspond with projected budgets and enrolments for the next academic year.

By September, many have been rehired.

This year, the process has been even more disruptive than usual. Hundreds of teachers, including 632 in Coquitlam, have received layoff notices. Numbers are still coming in from the province’s 60 school districts, but the total number of layoffs is expected to be “unprecedented,” according to the B.C. Teachers’ Federation. In Saanich, up to 140 of the district’s roughly 500 teachers – nearly a third – could be laid off. In Comox, 270 teachers, or 40 per cent of the teaching roster, have received layoff notices. Staff cuts are also expected in Burnaby, Maple Ridge and other districts.

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