More reasons why the European Convention on Human Rights is an abomination

This week three stories caught my eye that highlight precisely why the European Convention on Human Rights is evil, and why we need to get out of the EU and the ECHR as soon as possible.

The biggest story, for me, is a really sad one about a couple from Northampton who have had their lives ruined through a bitter dispute with a former business partner that has already cost them their house, their savings and their health. Now, the face deportation to the US for a trial that could see them sentenced to up to 240 years in prison – at 58 and 57 respectively, this would mean the couple spending the rest of lives apart, in high security US prisons where they will die. [They attempted suicide on Thursday night.]

On the other hand, the real beneficiaries of the ECHR were in full evidence in two articles that also appeared this week; one stating that we currently have 850 foreign criminals in jail that we can’t deport; including rapists, paedophiles and murderers, who are using human rights laws to fight against their deportation and remain in Britain at a cost to taxpayers of up to £34 million a year.