Inmarsat to release lost Malaysian plane’s final flight data

A member of staff at satellite communications company Inmarsat works in front of a screen showing subscribers using their service throughout the world, at their headquarters in London.

(Reuters) – British satellite company Inmarsat said it will release all the data it used to determine the final path of missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 to help reassure relatives that authorities are searching in the right location.

Inmarsat said in a joint statement with Malaysia’s Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) on Tuesday the data communication logs, or raw data, would be released along with an explanation of the analysis used to work out the route.

The Boeing 777 with 239 passengers and crew disappeared on March 8 during a scheduled service between Kuala Lumpur and Beijing, and is believed to have gone down in the Indian Ocean, off western Australia.

In the hours after the aircraft disappeared, an Inmarsat satellite picked up a handful of pings from it, indicating that the plane continued flying for hours and helping narrow the search to an area of the Indian Ocean.

The plane has yet to be found, and there have been growing calls from the relatives for more transparency from the authorities conducting the search.