Help stop evangelicals exporting homophobia and sexism to Uganda

Thanks to an organized and targeted campaign waged by the American evangelical Christian right, Uganda and all of Africa have been under attack. The religious right sees Africa as a canvas on which to paint their homophobia and sexism — a second chance to create what they failed to here in the U.S.

On Monday, the award-winning documentary film, God Loves Uganda, premieres on PBS at 10:00 PM EDT. It’s also being released on Monday on DVD — you can buy it at Amazon or at your local retailer.

“One of the most acclaimed documentaries of the year, God Loves Uganda explores the role of the American evangelical movement in Uganda, where American missionaries have been credited with both creating schools and hospitals and promoting dangerous religious bigotry,” a press release states.

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WTF?  Are these people crazy?  No, Africa has no sexism problem: it is all U.S. evangelicals causing problems.

Nigerian girls kidnapped?  Shut up, not part of the narrative.