Pakistan: Three women killed for honour in Rajanpur, plus man kills mother and sister over $5

RAJANPUR: Police have confirmed that three women have been killed in Kotla Androoon in Rajanpur on suspicions of karo-kari, Express News reported on Friday.

Honour killing, locally known as karo-kari, is an act of murder due to the belief that the victim has brought dishonour upon the family.

In a previous incident (May 13) related to karo-kari, a man and woman in Jacobabad were shot at by the latter’s father-in-law. They both died immediately.

The perpetrator, Muhammad Hayat Brohi, shot Gul Bano after seeing her talking to a man named Sikander Ali Dasti. Brohi surrendered to the police after the incident.

Related: Man kills mother, sister over Rs500 ($5.00):  FAISALABAD: D-Type Colony police told journalists on Friday that Shamim Akhtar’s elder son Sohail Akhtar had wired her Rs3,000 from Lahore. Shamim, 50, sent her younger son Tanveer to collect the money, who gave her Rs2,500. This led to an argument over the missing Rs500, police said. Tanveer shouted at his mother.

His sister Yasmeen Tabassum, 25, rebuked him. He shot his sister and mother several times and fled.