Kitchener Based Jew Baiting Muslim Conspiracy Theorists Barred From Entering USA

Kitchener Muslim family fingerprinted, denied entry to U.S.

She suspects they were turned back at the border because her father, Shafiq Hudda, is an imam at the Islamic Humanitarian Service, a registered charity based in Kitchener that runs a Muslim community centre and drop-in centre. Her father has never been allowed to enter the U.S. since being refused entry in 2003.

I’ve posted on the Islamic Humanitarian Service previously, they are Jew Baiting Lunatics.  The IHS publishes the Al-Haqq Newsletter. The following is found in a piece entitled Anti-Wahhabi Day from the Dec. 2009 Al-Haqq issue.

“Destruction of sacred sites in Hijaz by the Saudi Wahhabi’s continues even today. According to some scholars what is happening in Hijaz is actually a conspiracy plotted by the Jews against Islam, under the guise of Tawheed.

Or how about this “Editorial” from the June 2010 Al-Haqq Newsletter. Ann Coulter = Evil, Ernst Zundel, James Keegstra & David Irving = Free Thinkers!

This is how Al-Haqq reported on Ahmadinejad’s Holocaust Denial conference:

Tehran Conference
Scholars, researchers, and leaders from Jewish, Muslim, and multifaith backgrounds gathered in Tehran, Iran to attend a Conference on the Holocaust during January. The gathering, sponsored by Iranian President Dr. Mahmud Ahmadinejad, provided a forum for participants to discuss the event in history in rational calm manner, without discrimination.

The original post I did on Islamic Humanitarian Service dates from December of 2011. The sad fact is that these slimy Jew baiting bastards are still given “charity status” by the Canada Revenue Agency.

How can this be? How far down the rabbit hole has Canada slipped?