UK: Ed Miliband has promised to listen to voters who are concerned about immigration

Ed Miliband, the Labour leader

Ed Miliband has said Labour “will never again turn our backs” on British people who are concerned about immigration but has refused to set a target for the number of foreigners that should be allowed to come to the UK.

The Labour leader insisted that he will “bear down” on immigration but declined to make “false promises” to voters about numbers of foreigners coming to Britain.

Mr Miliband said that previous Labour administrations had “too often dismissed people’s concerns” about immigration.

In a speech to workers at Airbus in Wales, Mr Miliband said: “With my background and my beliefs, I am never going to tell you that Britain should turn its back on the world. It just won’t work. And it is not who we are.

“But I am not going to tell you either, nor should Labour ever tell you, that we should ignore people’s concerns about immigration.”

* * *
Labour will listen, but it won’t do anything about what it hears.

Listening is all the rage these days, along with reciprocal statements like “I hear you.” That advice is meant for cases where people are speaking about something that upsets them (usually in their personal lives) and simply want to talk.

Sorry, Ed, but this is not the scenario here. Voters are looking for action, not “we promise to listen.”

He must be crazy if he thinks this will change the mind of a single UKIP voter.