Nigeria: Catholic Church has lost $2.5m in property to Boko Haram

Catholic bishops of Nigeria

The Catholic Church Thursday decried its losses to religious crisis in the three North-eastern states of Adamawa, Yobe and Borno, claiming that physical structures worth over N400 million ($2.5 million USD) had been lost in the last eight years.
[Fr. John Bakeni] Bogna for his part, lamented that for some time now, not only had the area where the Maiduguri diocese of the Catholic Church is located become a theatre of violence, but had snowballed into an abode of terrorists and bloodbath. He said this had adversely affected churches, rectories and the state of the faithful in the area with the population of the church dwindling daily.

The clergyman said the situation has had tremendous psychological effect on the people as “fear is a killer and people are living in fear.“
Rev. Fr. Joseph Bature, who briefed on the state of diocesan schools, lamented that the schools built by the mission in the area had more than their fair share of the attacks as many teachers and students had to stop coming to schools.

“Most schools have been decimated as the parents have had to flee and take their children with them. The church is still planning to rebuild the burnt schools. A lot of teachers have had to flee and it has been difficult to get new teachers. Potiskum and Pulka health facilities have been closed down, the one in Shuwa vandalised by the insurgents the last time the town was attacked,” he said.