Deutsche Welle op-ed: Erdogan is beyond the pale

This man is crazy

The impressions that Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s public appearances have left behind are barely believable: bodyguards and advisers kicking critics and demonstrators, while he himself, according to eye-witnesses, lashed out at young girls in a supermarket.

Instead of comforting the families of victims of the terrible mining disaster in the western town of Soma, trying to show that he empathizes with their suffering, promising to find and bring to justice those responsible, the Turkish leader’s behavior is beyond the pale.

The self-control demanded of those in his position has long since disappeared.

* * *
Strong talk from such an exceedingly PC new outlet, even though it is identified as an opinion piece. If Erdogan has lost DW,  he is in seriously bad shape, reputation-wise.

Maybe even the mandarins in Brussels will worry about this potential EU member now.