UN: Iran advancing ballistic missile work

Illustrative photo of a Fateh-110 ballistic missile, taken at an Iranian armed forces parade in 2012

Iran has pursued ballistic missile development even as international talks surrounding efforts to scale back its nuclear program have been ongoing, a confidential UN report said overnight Thursday-Friday.

“Analysis of Iran’s ballistic missile program remains a challenge,” the UN Panel of Experts report, obtained by Reuters, said.

“With the exception of several launches, periodic displays of hardware and one recent revelation of a new ballistic launch facility, the program is opaque and not subject to the same level of transparency that Iran’s nuclear activities are under IAEA safeguards,” the panel wrote.

“Among the most important items Iran is reportedly seeking are metals as well as components for guidance systems and fuel,” the panel report said. “Similarities between Iran’s ballistic missiles and space programs can make it difficult for states to distinguish the end-uses of procured items.”

In 2010, the UN passed a resolution that included a ban on Iran developing missiles capable of carrying a nuclear warhead.