That’s some brawl…

Springfield, Missouri Police Release Altercation Video

Springfield Police Dept have released three videos in support of their officers and the department, following an incident at Zan night club in Springfield.

The video shows police reacting to an unruly crowd outside of the popular nightclub. At one point, a woman confronts an officer before hitting him, and the officer then appears to strike her back.

The surveillance video shows three different vantage points of the downtown brawl that happened in early in the morning on April 27. Springfield Police released the videos which was provided by Zan, the nightclub located at Patton Alley and McDaniel Street.

“Last week, a short video clip surfaced of a portion of a downtown disturbance at Zan, 311 N. Patton, which occurred on April 27. Zan has since provided surveillance videos to the Springfield Police Department that captured that disturbance in its entirety. In order to fully educate the public on the incident in which our officers were involved, we are releasing those videos.”

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