RCMP – No 1 Perpetrator Of Female Aboriginal Homicides Is ….

They just can’t bring themselves to say it…

“As a whole, more than 90 per cent of indigenous female murder victims knew their killer, RCMP said.

A general profile of the killers that emerged from the report showed that 89 per cent of the offenders are male and are an average age of 35.

“The perpetrators of aboriginal female homicides are typically less employed, they have increased use of intoxicants, are more frequently on social assistance [and] an increased percentage of them have criminal records, as well as a history of violence with the victim they killed,” said Supt. Tyler Bates, director of national aboriginal policing and crime prevention services.

“Many of them have been [previously] convicted of a violent offence.”

The report states 44 per cent of murdered aboriginal women were found to have a criminal record, while 63 per cent were found to have consumed intoxicants just before their deaths. A small number of victims (12 per cent) had worked in the sex trade.”