Pope says immigrant suffering ‘makes us cry, feel ashamed’

A body from the latest sunken boat, washed up on Italy’s shores

VATICAN CITY, MAY 15 – Many stories of the suffering of migrants “make us cry and feel ashamed,” Pope Francis said Thursday in remarks to new ambassadors to the Holy See.

Yet there are also stories of a wonderful welcome and support for newcomers which stand in contrast to the painful experiences of immigrants, Francis added.

“(Beside) beautiful stories of mankind, of meetings and reception…unfortunately, there are stories that make us cry and feel ashamed,” said the pope.

On Wednesday, Francis condemned the “massacre” of desperate migrants who are killed in boat disasters on the Mediterranean Sea as they flee their homelands for a new life in Europe.

During his weekly general audience in St. Peter’s Square, the pope said it was “shameful” that thousands of migrants died on the seas between North African and the southern borders of Italy.

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Speak for yourself, you idiot!  Yes, it is sad to see such deaths, but no, I am not ashamed.  More like furious with the idiotic EU officials and persons such as yourself who are perpetuating this, by not taking firm measures to stop the boats.  It can be done: see Australia.

You cannot possibly take the entire population of Africa, so when are you and the EU fools going to admit that it must stop?