News flash! Lavish lifestyle makes Saudi tourists ‘vulnerable’

A number of market experts and citizens have confirmed that Saudis traveling abroad are being exploited due to their lavish life style, Al-Riyadh daily reported.

They said many Saudis expose themselves and their families to various dangers and negative situations by wearing expensive clothes, residing in luxurious hotels or furnished apartments and frequenting elite restaurants and shopping malls.

Such behavior makes them easy prey for predators who increase prices, knowing that Saudis are capable of affording such high prices.

Ahmad Al-Dumyati, a citizen, said he traveled to many countries in the east and west and faced many situations where he was a victim of exploitation.

He added that many Saudis abroad, especially in some Arab countries, are clearly exploited and charged higher prices for hotels, taxis, furnished apartments, restaurants and other services.

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Who would ever have guessed?