‘Jews vs. Nazis’ — the drinking game

Screenshot from a report on Fox4 in Florida displaying a picture of the Jews vs Nazis beer pong drinking game tweeted by high school kids

High school students in Florida have come up with a dark, offensive variation to the popular drinking game beer pong, trading the triangles for the Star of David and the swastika.

Pictures of the game have been posted on social media, sparking a controversy. According to Fox4 Now, “more than 1600 people retweeted a post by @HSConfessional with a picture of the game that claims it’s played at Cape Coral High School parties.”

Despite the callousness, ‘Jews vs. Nazis’ adheres to the traditional rules of the game in that players launch ping pong balls across the table at their opponent; if a ball lands in a cup, said opponent must drink the contents (usually, beer) and the cup is removed. The winner is the one who succeeds in removing all his or her opponent’s cups from the table.

“This is a wake up call,” Rabbi Minkowicz of the Chabad Lubavitch of Southwest Florida told Fox4. “We are not doing enough of a job educating people to be nicer, kinder, more polite.”

The rabbi however added that he tended to attribute an innocence to the game. “My first assumption is let’s assume it’s just children that are immature with no ill intent, not trying to be malice,” he said.

“Good is more powerful than evil and if we continue to make this world a good and better place, good will rise to the top,” the rabbi added.