Iraq extends Jewish archive stay in US

An 1815 copy of the mystical Zohar is part of the “Discovery and Recovery” show at the National Archives

WASHINGTON — The Iraqi government is extending the stay of the Iraqi Jewish Archive in the United States.

“In order to continue this important work and to allow the exhibit to be displayed in other cities in the United States, the Government of Iraq has authorized me to extend the period which the exhibit may remain in the United States,” Lukman Fally, the Iraqi ambassador to Washington, said in a statement posted Wednesday on the embassy website.
A number of Jewish groups have joined an array of lawmakers in Congress in demanding that the archive remain outside Iraq in the custody of a major Iraqi Jewish Diaspora such as Britain, Israel or the United States.
In his statement, Fally said materials not part of the exhibit would return to Iraq as scheduled. The envoy also emphasized what he said was the importance that the Iraqi government attached to the country’s Jewish history.

“We consider the history of Jewish communities in Iraq to be an integral part of the history of our country — one that we honor and cherish –and nothing can erase this history, nor change our commitment to preserving its memory,” he said. “For us as Iraqis, it is important to recover this precious piece of our cultural heritage that documents an era of our country’s history.”

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“[O]ne that we honor and cherish”: excuse me for suggesting that he telling bald-faced lies.