hbd* chick: Human biodiversity, racism, eugenics, and genocide

<– There be danger!

In chapter two of A Troublesome Inheritance — “Perversions of Science” — Nicholas Wade tracks the histories of several lines of thought about human races which have existed over the last few centuries both within as well as outside of various scientific disciplines…

Wade “goes there” since much of the fear expressed by people about human biodiversity and its study seems to be connected to the concern that such knowledge will inevitably lead to (what I would agree are) repugnant practices like the forced sterilization of individuals deemed unfit in some way or another, or officially sanctioned discriminatory practices against the members of one or more groups in society, or even genocide.

Many people seem to think that if we unleash “the horror that is hbd”, some groups will be told to get to the back of the bus or the ovens will be fired up or even worse…

Human groups haven’t committed injustices or atrocities toward each other thanks to understanding, or even misunderstanding, the biological differences between us all — humans are atrocious to one another because of their (our) biology. Sadly, it’s in our nature(s).

The Nazis, with their particular understanding of human races, did not invent genocide (although they may have come close to perfecting some truly diabolical techniques there). A simple glance at history and prehistory tells us that human populations have been trying to eliminate “the other” since time immemorial despite not having the slightest info about human biodiversity or biology or even science itself

People have a tendency to favor their own.  We know that.  Monkeys and beetles and — h*ll! — even plants tend to favor their own.  Plants! This is how fundamental the us-and-them divide is.